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Awa Bissap Corp.

Our various ranges aim to have a positive impact on the community by introducing people to the unique juices of West Africa, particularly Senegal, also known as Zobo in other African countries.



Description & information

Awa Bissap Light 500ml

Awa bissap juice is made from hibiscus flower mixed with mint, vanilla, lemon, fruit syrup and orange blossom water for a unique flavor.

Awa Tamarind 500ml

Tamarind juice has a unique sweet and tangy flavor, with subtle, earthy notes. It is refreshing and often enjoyed chilled, offering a distinctive taste that sets it apart from other fruit juices.

Awa Bissap without sugar 500ml

Awa Bissap before mint and cloves is a refreshing and aromatic drink. Hibiscus with its tangy and floral flavor forms the basis of this drink. Before adding mint, which brings a fresh and herbaceous note, and cloves, which give a spicy and warm touch, hibiscus juice is often sweetened to balance its natural acidity. This combination creates a complex and refreshing drink, ideal for quenching your thirst.

Awa Ginger without sugar 500ml

Awa Ginger is a juice made from ginger, fresh pineapple with water, lemon and orange blossom water.

Awa Ginger 2L

Awa Ginger is a juice made from ginger, fresh pineapple with added water, sugar, lemon and orange blossom water.

Awa Baobab

Baobab juice has a slightly tangy, lemony flavor reminiscent of a blend for its refreshing taste, and some describe it as having subtle floral notes. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it offers both a unique taste and potential health benefits.